A warning for Democrats: don’t raise taxes! If there is any intention for the party to continue beyond the next Presidential election, they absolutely cannot raise taxes.  Not only will corporate party sponsors frown on this action, but the impending economic slowdown and continued job losses for lower to lower-middle class citizens will be directly associated with Democratic alterations to economic policy.


The debate is not the validity of taxes, and who pays what, but the perception of “tax and spend” liberals.  The new Congress would be well served to promote internal reforms that remove excess government spending.  In particular, the roads that lead nowhere must now be directed towards paying off national debt.

The GAO needs to be expanded to review all government projects, initiatives, and departments to identify and control waste.  Initial expenditures to extend the office will be well offset by futures savings.

Implementing proper spending controls will position Democrats for a Presidential victory in 2008.  Politically, this can take the form of publicizing gross misuse of tax dollars by Republican earmarks and pork projects.  The public will enjoy hearing all the money that is being saved, and Democrats will enjoy the association of Republican misappropriation.

Bottom line for the new congressional win; if you want to keep it, don’t raise taxes!