The Republican hopeful, John Spencer, was quoted as saying that Senator Clinton "wasn't very attractive when she was younger and may have had a lot of work done to improve her looks."  Obviously, Spencer realizes that he has no chance at winning the election, so he decided to define a new low in political mud slinging.



Spencer now denies every making the remarks, saying that they are an absolute "fabrication". (1)  Ben Smith, the reporter who sat next to Spencer on the flight, stands by what he heard.
It is unimaginable, that in the entire state of New York, the best person Republicans can come up with is Spencer. Obviously, integrity and personal character were not attributes that they were looking for in a candidate (Want another example? Foley, Delay, Hassert…et all).
So how does the latest Republican fiasco impact Clinton's likelihood to win?  Well, to quote Spencer, "She looks good now." 



1. Ben Smith's Story on Spencer's comments about Senator Clinton