China has reported that the rumors of an apology from North Korean leader Kim Jong-il were untrue.  Further, it seems China is unwilling to increase pressure on North Korea as a result of the first nuclear test.  What happened?  How did everything change so quickly?


 Liu Jianchao, a Chinese spokesperson, remarked:

I haven’t heard of Kim Jong-il apologizing…

Jianchao went on to say:

He [Kim Jong-il?] also indicated that the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has no plans for a second nuclear test but if other countries impose more pressure, the DPRK may take further steps.

Once again, the latest UN resolution has been rendered useless because of non-compliance by China.  Their stated concern is an unstable North Korea causing wider instability in the region. 

Could this also be a sign that the relationship between the United States and China.

In any case, the United States stands firm under Bush’s insistence that he will not offer N. Korea anything, while demanding everything.


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