Twelve years after the Gingrich lead revolution, the Democrats will finally take back control of the US House of Representatives.  The Senate seems not so far off, with a near 50/50 tie predicted by  The growing support for Democratic candidates in recent polls underscore the low approval ratings of President Bush and the Republican party.


How badly will Republicans lose this year?  That remains to be seen, but a shift in control for the House seems eminent, along with Pelosi being the next Speaker of the House. 

The true question is whether the Democrats deserve to win.  Do they have the will to unite and stand against Bush’s policies as a whole?  Further, do they have a plan for the country going forward?

Many people are voting against Republicans this fall, rather than voting for the Democrats.  The Dem’s vision has yet to be communicated.  The reason may be that Republicans have done enough over the past few years to shoot themselves in the foot. 

Could the lack of a plan be a good thing?  The, as yet, unannounced plan/vision for the nation will not tie down Democrats to campaign related promises that cannot be kept (something the Republicans are having a hard time dealing with).

Following a successful House takeover, the Democrats need to clearly articulate their goals and vision for the country both domestically, and internationally.  If they wait too long, the victory will be short lived.