Alberto Fernandez, director of public diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department, publicly scolded the Bush’s efforts in Iraq.  Fernandez’s remarks came in an interview with Al-Jazeera (not sure how the administration ok’ed that one). (1)


Other details that Fernandez divulged included a possible negotiation with insurgents to bring an end to the Iraqi civil war, but that their demands were nearly impossible to agree with.  Further, that the demands were “removed from reality.” (1,2)

Now, State department officials are refuting the statements made by Fernandez, saying that they were incorrectly translated, or taken out of context.  Whether or not there were some embellishments in Al-Jazeera reporting, this incident simply underscores the growing sentiment of Bush’s arrogance, and haste. (2)

Even if Bush truly believed that Saddam had nuclear capabilities, did he have evidence that they were intent on using them against the United States or one of our Allies?  The weapons inspectors from the UN needed a few more months to complete a full survey.  Saddam was reluctantly opening up secret facilities in response to a potential (now we know impending) invasion.

Was there any reason to believe that the WMD’s were going to be used within the inspectors’ time frame?  The Political Cow’s main criticism has always been that Bush never, and still does not make any effort to reduce the human and economic impact of the war on the United States.  If we waited a few more months, and brought the entire international community into the situation, we could have seen a force of over 200,000 soldiers under the banner of the UN demanding the removal of Saddam. 

Now we are alone in the cause.  Of course the administration will always insist that there is a 30-country alliance, but quite frankly, when over 90% of the forces and funding is coming from the United States, there is no alliance. 

It’s like a high school kid who joins every single club so that he can look good on his college applications.  Bush just needed something to feed his base, and the consumed it.


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