Throughout the course of the Bush administration, many have admired the President’s unwavering determination to “stay the course,” in Iraq.  In recent days, just weeks before the critical mid-term elections, Bush has announced that he will make every necessary change in tactics to respond to increasing violence in Iraq (1).


The President continues to reiterate that while his tactics may change, the overall goal will not: win the war in Iraq.  His statements seem to walk a fine line to show a continued determination and adaptability.  This effort may have been praised had it been considered over a year ago, but with the mid-term elections so close, it seems the Republicans may be playing politics.

Then again, the new terror bill may have given Bush full authority to do what ever he wants with the Iraqi people (not to mention US citizens).  Perhaps the newly validated torture and indefinite detention tactics that Bush has been afforded will be included as part of the change in strategy.

The unfortunate part of it all is that our great military, and all the people who sacrifice part of their lives on our behalf not being fully supported by this administration.  It’s taken over 2 years of continuous bombings and insurgent fighting to bring about this change?  And until then, Bush has left our soldiers as part the great fly paper plan (you know, how Bush always says “we’re fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here.


1. US army ready to change tactics in Iraq
2. Bush, US commanders meet to weigh Iraq tactics