“The Bush administration maintains that the abhorrent images and depictions of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib are the product of only a few soldiers at an isolated facility. As time has passed, evidence confirms that prisoner abuse was present in Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The cruel similarities in all regions and facilities point towards an orchestrated effort, to employ torture (especially sexual humiliation) as an interrogation technique.

Over 300 individual cases of abuse have now been cited at multiple locations.  The consistencies of techniques used suggest a higher level of organization, and possibly approval (Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Bush). 
Maj Gen Donald Ryder has now announced new procedures for handling detainees.  For instance, dogs can not be used to intimidate prisoners. (1)

The Army has gone as far as saying that the existing system had “flaws in doctrine and training.” (2)

Keep in mind, that the President ultimately dictates Army doctrine/policy. Gonzalez’s assessments on torture and the Geneva Conventions helped shape our current policy.  Actually, he was able to create a loophole by defining all captured peoples as “enemy combatants,” rather than prisoners of war.

1. Extent of Abuse cases revealed
2. Army overhauling detention policies