“In their latest move, Republicans are threatening to seek legal action for any broadcast station running advertisements, which the RNC deems as misrepresenting their Social Security plans.  This bizarre move comes from the same group demanding an end to frivolous lawsuits.  Should I say any more?

It turns out that many of the facts and figures do add up for the Republicans.  They add up to a system that will be heavily cut, and not distribute anything close to a socially secure country.  In some instances, the Republicans seem to only use short-term figures and results if favorable, and in others they will use long term projections (however questionable) to certify their plans.

Yahoo news recently published an article highlighting the legal challenges that the Republicans will make to ensure that no one hears both sides of the story.  It is bad enough that Bush does not allow a diverse audience to his town hall style forums.  Is the next strike against free speech in television and radio?