“In an Army Base outside of Mosul, 122mm rocket smashed into a mess tent as US soldiers were having lunch. Reports presently indicate that 22 People were killed, and another 66 were wounded in the surprise attack (1).

Although the well trained soldiers were able to respond quickly and effectively to the crisis, the question still remains as to how the assault was conducted without warning?

Evidently, troops had already privately complained to family and friends about the “plentiful supply of mortars and rocket-propelled grenades and a lack of U.S. troops to patrol the perimeter of forward bases, Iraqi insurgents are able to strike with relative ease” (2).

Additionally, “Bill Nemitz, a columnist with the Portland Press Herald who was embedded with the troops in Mosul, told CNN that he heard “”a lot of discussion”” about the vulnerability of the tent” (2).

Considering that the attack actually occurred against a US base may suggest an insurgency with growing sophistication. It is much easier to place a IED along the path of a convoy, than to plan and coordinate the intelligence gathering, personnel movement, communication, …etc, required to successfully attack a guarded base (3).

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