With discontent becoming widespread in regard to the direction and management of the Iraqi effort, inquiring soldiers in Kuwait did not help maintain the Bush administration’s foggy image of a “mission accomplished.” 

War critics now accuse the Pentagon of poor planning throughout the Iraqi conflict.

Rumsfeld’s response made it perfectly clear that the administration did not do their homework prior to the war. 

He told the troops, “you go to war with the army you have.” (1)

Of course, he failed to mention that the timing of the war was completely in our control.  Many of the President’s supporters compare the decision to go to war to that of WWII.  Unfortunately, the danger to the United States continues to be unclear, and absolutely was not present in Iraq (WMD, don’t forget why we Bush wanted to invade in the first place).

The Secretary of Defense then placed the blame for the lack of armored humvees on a production issue.

AM General, the corporation that makes the armored humvees, swiftly replied to this charge by saying that if asked, they would significantly increase production (2).

So what’s worse now? Kerry not voting for the 87 billion because of a lack of accountability for the allocation of funds and special interest provisions, or Bush identifying a significant issue facing the military, and not taking action until 2 years later during apolitical melt down.

(1) Rumsfeld hears complaints from troops, full transcript
(2) Humvee maker hits back on shortage claim