During the Vice Presidential debates, moderator Gwen Ifill brought the Cheney’s daughter into the spotlight. She described how Dick Cheney used his “”family’s experience as a context for [his] remarks”” about legalizing same-sex unions.

The fact is, Cheney has been trying long and hard to reach out to gay and lesbian voters by mentioning his daughter. Indeed, it is a difficult task to accomplish considering the President’s desire to write discrimination into the constitution by defining marriage as only between a man and a women.

Given Cheney’s history of discussing his daughter in political discussions, and Gwen Ifill’s willingness to raise the issue during the debate, it is not out of the question for either Kerry or Edwards to discuss the issue as well.

Kerry and Edwards have actually not entered into a true discussion on this issue. They have only offered praise. Many times during the debate, the candidates will compliment each other. Kerry has been recognized for his distinguished service in Vietnam. Bush, for his response in the days following 9/11.

Why is it out of the question for Kerry or Edwards to offer praise? The subject has been addressed by Cheney himself many times, and Ifill specifically asked for the candidates to respond and reflect on gay marriage and how Cheney has used his “”family’s experience as a context for [his] remarks””. Kerry and Edwards did exactly what they should do, and exactly what they feel. They offered praise and recognition to the Vice President and his family for the relationship they have with their daughter.

Lynne Cheney has now started a rampage, insisting that Kerry and Edwards crossed the line by talking about their family. She states “”…this is not a good man, this is not a good man”” in reference to Kerry. Why isn’t he? Because he complimented your family for being loving?

Quite honestly, Mrs. Cheney’s remarks seem as though she doesn’t want the subject of their daughter to be discussed at all. Does she want to hide the fact that her daughter is a lesbian? Is she really that offended by Kerry’s remarks or is she embarrassed an angry, and trying to make a calculated political move? 

The Vice President doesn’t seem to be upset by the comments. He even thanked Edwards for his comments:

CHENEY: Well, Gwen, let me simply thank the senator for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter. I appreciate that very much.

Why such anger from Mrs. Cheney? A simple thank you would have been fine.

VP debate transcript can be found here.