“The Financial Times reports that Defense Minister Peter Struck is open to the idea of German troops in Iraq if Kerry is elected.  He refers to Kerry’s plans for Iraq as “”very sensible.””

Given Bush’s pompous attitude towards the rest of the world, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder insisted that there are no plans for any military involvement with Iraq. This hard stance may be an indication that German involvement will not come easily, and will require true diplomacy.

Strucks statements indicate a growing view within Europe of a possible fresh start with the United States if Kerry is elected.

Germany is among the first countries to openly discuss a possible reconciliation.

If European allies are able to come to the table following a Kerry win, the human and economic impact felt by the United States will be significantly reduced. 

Further, the acceptance of the new Iraqi state in the Middle-East will not be as difficult.  The United States is viewed as an occupier by the insurgency and many Iraqi citizens. 

A recent classified National Intelligence Estimate predicted that Iraq’s next 15 months are at best like the current situation, and at worst, civil war.  Internationalization of the effort would go a long way to prevent the latter of the predictions, along with improving the existing situation.