We hear the phrase time and again, “…rush to war without a plan to win the peace.”  Winning the peace includes securing the Nation, especially its most sensitive regions and resources. 

The IAEA and Duelfer reports contain some startling findings. They indicate that many chemical warfare facilities were looted prior inspection.

The full version of the Duelfer report is available for download from the CIA’s website (you will need a broadband connection to obtain the full version).  

The fate of the stolen equipment and intelligence is unknown.  The possibility of insurgent or terrorist entities obtaining the equipment and intelligence cannot be ruled out.

Although the Duelfer report concluded that Saddam had dismantled his nuclear capability in 1991, he maintained dual-purpose manufacturing equipment that could be used for nuclear purposes.  All of this equipment had been tagged and monitored by UN weapons inspectors prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  Following the invasion, this equipment and intelligence was overlooked. 

The only conclusion is poor planning on the part of the Bush administration.  The removal of Saddam exacerbated the transmission of chemical and potentially nuclear resources and intelligence.