“The murder of Paul Johnson was the latest tragedy during the war on terrorism.  Fox News has unfortunately used the murder to perpetuate and instill their biased positions in their viewers.

During the June 18th broadcast of Studio B w/ Shepard Smith, a so-called poem was read on the air.  The poem was allegedly written by viewer in response to the Paul Johnson murder.  It was composed of exactly two sentences with no real structure.  Essentially, the viewer stated he is not a racist, but that he “feels racism towards the Islamic ideology.”

Are you serious? Fox News? Allowing this on air?  Was it even a poem? What was the viewer’s commentary? 

We have attempted to locate transcripts on the Fox News website, however, they don’t seem to want to be held to anything they say.  They have discontinued their transcript archive: http://fn.emediamillworks.com/fox/.  If anyone is able to find a transcripts link, please let us know.

During the June 19th broadcast of Fox & Friends Saturday, the promotion of hatred continued by the program’s hosts.

“There are a lot of Arabs that are angry with US policy… and this is how it comes out,” said Juliet Huddy in reference to Paul Johnson’s murder.

“We have something for you this morning that will get you fired up… and now the Genie is out of the bottle,” remarked one of the guests when discussing an Al Qaeda – Saudi Arabia connection.