““This was a war of choice,” Pelosi told Tim Russert during her appearance on Meet the Press.  She continued to repeat this phrase multiple times throughout the broadcast.

When it comes down to it, Iraq was a “war of choice.”  Just happened to be the wrong choice.  No weapons of mass destruction, no Al Qaeda, no axis of evil. Where was the immanent threat? Former CIA director (under George Bush I) Robert Gates has noted that the evidence linking Iraq to Al Qaeda is ambiguous at best, and that the administration has gone “…forward with a lot lower level of confidence in the evidence [they] have.”

The Iraq war is perhaps the greatest weapon in the President’s repertoire to help alienate the United States from the majority of the world.  Remember, this mission of alienation began early on by imposing taxes on foreign steel, and abandoning of the Kyoto Treaty. 

Pelosi is now among the first to ask the hard questions and critically review the President’s performance.

During her interview, it became clear that the President has began to align his Iraq policies with the policies laid out by John Kerry a month earlier.  So what’s the problem now Tim Russert asks? Pelosi continues on to say that the President’s change in policy is a year too late. 

She is on the right track, but Bush’s latest waffle is only a tactic to draw in moderate voters.  Call it a political maneuver.  It’s not absolutely inconceivable that Bush may continue to align himself with Kerry on various positions. 

So is the new Bush message: why vote for Kerry when Bush is already implementing the same idea? Well, not only a year to late, but just not original.  Has the Bush campaign already reached the “say or do anything” to gain voters stage. Nonetheless, the Bush platitudes continue.

Recall the debates from 2000; Bush mentions racial profiling of Arab Americans as a social challenge that faces our nation.  Of course, after he is elected, he pushes for the most invasive legislation, which counters civil liberties, and encourages racial profiling.  Any guess as to the wonderfully patriotic name of the act?
Hopefully others will join Pelosi and take a more analytical approach towards this election.  Only problem is that information may be good, but emotion wins American elections.