Bernard Weiner provides an interesting review of the activities that have lead up to the current perceptions and attitudes towards the war in Iraq.

(Democratic Underground) – Fully Story

It’s quite fascinating to consider how quickly public opinion changes in only a little over a year. As Weiner puts it, Bush was “”shocking & aweing”” is way to high approval ratings, only to have the public find his eagerness and haste as the true drivers for the war.

Consider who is responsible for this blunder. Yes, a blunder. What do we have to call an achievement from the war? We have alienated ourselves from the world through our military (aren’t Republican’s supposed to be isolationist in theory?), environmental, and economic policies.

Of course you can say Saddam is gone, but what does that mean? Al Qaeda seems to be fully operational again with their recent attacks in Spain and Saudi Arabia.

As Pelosi put it, it was a “”war of choice.”” There should be no excuse for gross errors in planning and resourcing with regard to the invasion and rehabilitation of Iraq.